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This is an Internet Marketing Website

I am just an old retired guy that has fun playing around on the Internet to make extra income to support my retirement.

My wife and I both like to travel and see the beautiful sights this glorious country (and close neighbors) have to show us, so a little extra cash helps us have more fun.

I previously had a WordPress site here, but the hackers thought I was having too much fun and trashed it. I put this page up to fill the space until I had time to build a new site (without WordPress), but I finally decided to just leave it.

What I have been having the most fun with lately, is modifying Resell Rights Products and sharing them around the net to make more contacts. After all, none of this stuff works very well without other like-minded people to share with.

You can see my latest projects by Clicking Here

If you want more insight into what, why and how I do all that, visit:

I have developed some skills and learned a lot just by hanging around online, so I felt this was a good way to put them to use and help a few others in the process. Believe it or not, I actually enjoy building these projects and it keeps me out of trouble.

If you think we can work together, the best way to reach me is on Skype, just search for oldbuddy70.

See you online!