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TswirlMy recently renewed interest in Traffic Exchanges has led me to another valuable discovery.

Unless you are simply not paying attention at all, you can’t help but notice that showing your pages for credits you earn clicking on most traffic exchanges, has not paid off for a long time. Sure you will catch an occasional newbie that hasn’t seen your page, but generally speaking, action takers are rare.

The solution to this common problem is found on John Bell’s Traffic Swirl and specifically in the Marketplace that allows you to exchange features they use on the website, for Tokens. These Tokens are a form of currency used only in that Marketplace and for buying additional advertising that is far more effective than showing your pages in the exchange.

My favorite, is to submit a Task that other members complete to gain more Tokens to spend on their own promotions, or to buy features in the Marketplace. The demand is high, so if you structure your offers fairly you will get nearly instant action.

All it takes is a little trial and error to master this internal economy, but it is actually fun along with being quite lucrative. It’s free to get an account and give it a try! Just Click Here

If you do decide to give it a try, look for me in the Marketplace or on the Task Offers and add me as a friend.

Problem and Solution

problemIt’s no secret, that the fastest way to earn money online is to get referrals for various websites that solve problems that are driving people crazy!

One of the most frustrating problems I see people having as they try to earn online, is getting referrals. If you think about it, the simple solution is staring them right in the face, they simply need to learn how they can help other people get referrals!

Click Here To See HOW!

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Traffic Exchanges

I saw a post this morning on a blog that was talking about the captcha codes some exchanges have in the surf bar. The point is what’s the point? In my opinion, earning the credits and showing your pages is not all that important, it’s the interaction with other people I am after (and I don’t mean in some side chat while surfing).

That’s why I spend most of my surfing time where all that extra nonsense is minimized, on No Bullshit Traffic

They don’t have captcha’s and very few games and NO chat box, just surf for traffic and view other pages. My favorite part is the Team Surfing and maybe that’s because the team I started is usually at the top of that list.

The real benefit is a few of my team members also participate in a Skype Group for the team and that is where relationships are connected and cultivated, not while blindly clicking for credits.

If you seriously want to share ideas and help other people, that’s a far better way to accomplish that goal in my opinion. If you agree, come on over and surf with us.

002_11Some people are aware of RSS Feeds, but the majority have no clue how to use them and would prefer to get a plain old fashioned email to let them know when the blog has a new post. I want to make it as easy as possible, so I use Rocket Responder

It’s not only the simplest for me to use, but offers easy ways for my readers to get involved. On the right is a form to submit, or clicking the Email Button on this post opens a larger form, or you can just bookmark This RSS Feed Link and check manually.

The advantage to subscribing to the updates by email, is I also send out bonus gifts on occasion to reward loyal readers. No I won’t bombard you with offers to make me more money, unless it makes you money too. I never send just a pitch or a bare link, if I can’t explain WHY, I won’t send anything.

I hope you see fit to give me a try, then you can cancel if I don’t live up to my promises.

Come On Back Anyway!

Authority Sites

authority-sitesOne of the terms you hear thrown around in Internet advertising circles, is authority sites. Most people will believe something they read on the Medline Plus website, over some remote obscure blog page.

The same trust issue prevails when you try to advertise online. They are skeptical enough, that they dismiss most of what they see without hesitation.

That’s why I started using a plugin for this website that lets you hijack the authority of any website to support your offer before people actually see it.

I know that must be confusing, so let me walk you through an example. I could rely on a blog post here to introduce people to my offer, but I am nobody important that they should listen to. So instead, I send them to an authority website that talks about the company I represent, then as they leave that website I show them an ad that leverages off of what they just read.

For instance, Solavei was reported on by Geek Wire in February 2012, so if I follow that with the fact they are still around and doing well, it may attract people to take the next step and at least follow up on the curiosity that should exist by then.

To see it in action, Click Here

If that sounds like something you could use in your own promotional efforts and you have 15 minutes to watch a video that gives the whole story (not just a pitch or capture form) Click Here

Seriously you should watch the whole video, then it might start wheels spinning in your head just like it did mine.


sha_02The longer I apply myself to learning what really works to generate steady passive residual income, the more convinced I am that conversation is the key.

It doesn’t matter if you engage people online or in person, if you want to guide them to take a particular action, it can’t be easily done without open sincere communication. Advertising may get you the initial contact, but until you can get them to open up and discuss their concerns, you are not going to meet with much success. It’s that simple.

It takes alliances, not customers or prospects to achieve true success.

That is exactly why I decided to focus my attention on Solavei. It’s the one opportunity I found that saves you money INSTANTLY and as you simply talk to people about what you are doing, you will find the ones who agree with you without any pressure or hype. Once again, it’s that simple.

If you live in the United States, you owe it to yourself and your family to take a serious look at this chance to change your entire perspective on earning money through leveraged activities like talking to people without fear if rejection. Who is going to be upset if you share a way to save money?

I sincerely invite you to talk about it with me. No pressure, no hype, no obligations, just talk. Use the contact link on this website to get a dialog started.
Hope to see you inside!

Backup Solution

MyBackupI don’t know if this will help anyone else, but I would have felt a lot better if I remembered seeing a post like this before I started!

A few years ago I bought a Western Digital MyBook 500Gb backup drive. It was very sleek looking and simple to use, but I never thought about what would happen if it doesn’t work some day??? There are NO SCREWS and apparently no way for the end user to service it.

So you can guess what happened, the other day when I went to do my backup I plugged it in and NOTHING. I checked the power supply and it was putting out power, but the drive would not turn on. I have had bad experiences from not having a backup, so I was almost ready to buy another one when I had an epiphany! This thing came from Western Digital, so it must have a real hard drive in there someplace.

I’m not kidding when I say I had to RIP IT APART, but I finally got to the hard drive and removed it. Then I hooked it up to a USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE combo adapter and I was right back in business. You can get these on Ebay for about $10 (if you look around) and hooking it up is simple. Plug in two cables and stick the USB plug in your computer, that’s it.

Another option would be to install the drive in a computer, which is not that hard to do. You just put it in an open drive bay and plug in the SATA data cable and Power, the computer does the rest.

Bottom line is, don’t give up hope if it happens to you, there are ways around it.

Responsive Websites

Responsive WebsiteDuring the transition from desktop to mobile devices, we are faced with meeting the needs of both audiences without a lot of stress if we want to maximize our advertising impact. The solution that shows the most promise is Responsive Web Design, where the layout automatically adjusts to compensate for the browser the visitor is using. Your page can look good on a high resolution desktop monitor or the smallest smartphone screen if it’s designed correctly.

I found a free WordPress Theme that accomplishes that goal, without sacrificing speed or simplicity for the visitor in the process. See what you think by taking a look at

qr-wii-fmResize your browser to get a better idea what it does, or even better take a look with your mobile device and compare that to what your desktop shows you.

No Brainer

vomit“The Make Money Online Niche has degraded into one big web advertising board where everyone sees how much they can throw up on everyone else”

I hate to break the news, but it simply doesn’t work any longer. If you want people to even SEE what you have to offer, you need a better approach.

One of the steps I have taken is to provide real value by showing new ideas and actually providing support to those just getting started. The best part is, even if I don’t make a lot of money doing it, I feel a lot better when I face myself in the mirror each morning.

To get a better idea of what I mean, look at the latest plan I came up with for people who are not ready to make the jump to their own domain name and website:

If you have a little extra time, you might find some other good ideas you can use on there.

Have Fun!

ZeekRewards Lesson

Will I Ever Learn?You would think that after having dozens of programs I put money in collapse and dissolve my balance overnight, I would learn to stop doing that. I’m not talking about trivial balances either, but fortunately I kept a strict policy of never using my own money if it was over $50. This time I grew that to over $2,000 (in about a year) and had it paying me over $300 a month. Life goes on.

The sad part is, I know friends that joined and put massive deposits up even after I told them my past experiences with the Internet. I had one program that vanished with my $11,000 balance and I stopped getting my $6,000 a month income abruptly. I think it was the feelings I had getting that massive income, that tempted me to try again.

I finally decided this time that it’s over. If my friends want to jump on another bandwagon, it will be without me. I am going back to the basics with a resolve to teach as many people as I can, how I make decent money online without risking a PENNY. I also get paid my full earnings every month, so it can’t vanish on me again.

I know lots of people online think clicking on ads for a penny is a JOKE, but I am going to keep doing it as I laugh all the way to the bank. I have already made it there with thousands of dollars and I am convinced that if I concentrate on what I already have experienced and work on how to magnify that instead of chasing rainbows, I can get back to making $500 to $1,000 a month easy. It’s simply a matter of wash, rinse and repeat.

Are you patient enough to walk with me?

If you said yes, look at

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